Primetime Asks…..Is the Undertaker’s Streak Overrated??

Written by Gregory Bitetzakis.

Published on March 29, 2012

Hey everyone welcome back to Primetime’s Weekly Column devoted to all things wrestling.  Well we are only a couple of days away from the Grandaddy of Them All…..Wrestlemania.  The card is shaping up to be epic but I want to touch on something that has been a mainstay in almost every Wrestlemania, and that is the Undertaker match.  In these matches you can throw any name in to face the Undertaker, yet he is undefeated, currently 19-0.  Now I know I am going to ruffle some feathers with my next couple of statements but hey, I do not shy away from controversy so here goes… this streak a bit overrated?  Is it as epic as everyone makes it out to be or as impressive as we are meant to believe? And finally, does the Streak seem a bit unrealistic?  While I will say that this Streak is important in the landscape of the WWE/WWF history, and in many ways a streak that should be admired and shared with everyone, I believe that in fact the streak is OVERRATED.  Now before you all kill me and send me horrible emails about how I am a Taker Hater and all of that, give me a chance to defend myself and I hope to at least make you guys think a bit before the Undertaker makes it 20-0 this Sunday.

I want to begin by breaking down his victories quickly and because I knew I was going to write this I decided to re-watch these matches because I wanted to relive the Streak.  Undertaker starts off by demolishing Super Fly which was a squash match of epic proportions.  He then the following year goes against Jake the Snake who, while I am a fan of him, never really blew up as many believe he should have, but that might be a later column.  We then get the gimmicks of both Giant Gonzalez where he wins by DQ and King Kong Bundy which he beats with a freaking clothesline, two matches that to me cheapen both those wins. He then has a match with Diesel, while even though it was a pretty good match, there were limitations based on Nash’s in ring ability.  Then he beats Psycho Sid in a long but brutal to watch match again continuing the trend of having Taker fight big guys.  He follows with his brother Kane which actually was a great match.  Then we are hit with a HORRIBLE Hell in a Cell where Big Boss Man ends up being hung off the Chamber…to think wrestling allowed that, now you don’t have blood. Then we have the match with HHH that no one talks about recently but was an ok match, nothing special even though the referee was out for like a half an hour.  We follow with the brawl that is Undertaker vs. Flair which was just a lot of blood.  We then have what becomes a handicap match with the Undertaker against Big Show and A-Train which was just a horrible cluster#$%^.  Cue then the Undertaker vs. a very green Orton which was a solid match.  Another stinker follows with Mark Henry which just shows that before the big heel that we have now, Henry was a joke, and he brought this match down.  The big title win vs Batista was next and I enjoyed it.  Then Undertaker finishes strong when the Streak became more publicized with matches against Edge, Shawn Michael’s twice, and HHH.  But overall just take a look at it.  You have almost half of the matches with mid carders, and a large amount of forgettable and overall poor matches.  We never see Undertaker/Rock, Undertaker/Stone Cold or even Undertaker/Cena.  His streak just was not as dominating and full of ***** matches as people like to think.

We then have the obvious pitfalls in the streak.  For one, he loses matches against those same guys in previous and post PPV’s, so we are supposed to believe that just in this PPV, Wrestlemania, he is unbeatable.  Also I know that Undertaker has been injury prone and prone to taking breaks during his career, but that fact that he continues to show up just for Wrestlemania makes the Streak seem a little gimmicky.  Even the way it started, which was by luck since it wasn’t planned for him to win all these matches, it just happened, lends to a weakening of the Streak.  Finally I feel like he gets the blunt of the attention for the Streak, yet he is no where close to the Wrestlemania performer that Shawn Michael’s is, and that is why I feel that Shawn Michael’s Wrestlemania resume is way better than the Undertaker’s. Overall while the Undertaker is a great wrestler, and a sure fire Hall of Famer when he eventually hangs up his boots, the Streak, a big chunk of his WWE legacy, is a tad bit overrated.

Wow that was fun and I love being more creative with my articles.  It makes for great debate and I love writing them and thinking about them.  Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this.  Comment below or email me at or just add me on facebook at Gregory Bitetzakis.  I am super excited about Wrestlemania, and next week will be my recap of what I hope is an incredible PPV.  Thanks and this was brought to you by…………….

PRIMETIME BABY……….Unless you think you can stop me!!!!!!!!!!

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