Figure Review – Mattel WWE Elite Series 12 Kane

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on January 06, 2012

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with your Quick Wrestling News figure review! Before we get started today, I wanna talk about Quick Wrestling News’ Writer Search! Eric Kanes is looking to recruit some new writers for the site, so go follow this link and follow the instructions for a chance to write alongside the likes of Eric Kanes and I for! Without any further plugging, let’s get this review on the road! In keeping with last week’s review of a figure from Mattel’s most current retail WWE line, I figured this week I’d review another figure from Mattel Elite Series 12… This week I chose The Big Red Monster, KANE!

This figure is part of Mattel’s new “Flashback” initiative, as was last week’s Papa Shango. Basically, since the WWE Legends line is getting killed at retail, they’re going to stop releasing it in stores, and instead insert one or two “Classic” wrestlers into the standard Elite lines. 12 was the first line they did this for, and I got both “Flashback” Elites. Obviously, Kane just recently re-debuted with a brand new mask in tow. This is not a figure of that (Hopefully one will come very soon), obviously, But masked Kane is always cool, so it should be a cool figure nonetheless. I scored Shango relatively high. Let’s see if his “Flashback” brethren stacked up!

Sculpt: 10/10

Kane’s sculpt is pretty much flawless. His head is relatively large, which is the only gripe I could really levy against it. The hair doesn’t look cheap or crappy, and his mask was done well. He doesn’t look outwardly angry or evil… There’s just something in this Kane’s eyes that screams “INSANE.” I love it. Couldn’t ask for a better headsculpt. One of the best ones I’ve ever come across.

Kane’s body is pretty good too. He’s obviously a huge guy. But in the earlier stage of his career that this figure is emulating, he was a lot more muscular as well. The figure captures that look well. He has much bulkier arms then we normally see on Mattel figures (These arms should’ve been used for Shango), and the arms compliment the body nicely. Also, to make him more hulking, he’s been given giant legs. Kane is one of the few figures these legs look good on, so that only helps the fantastic appearance of this Kane.

Like I said, this sculpt is pretty much completely without fault. Mattel did an amazing job here.

Accessory: 8/10

Most Elites come with two accessories. Kane only comes with one. It’s the voice modulator he used in the early stages of his career.

Now, last week I gave Papa Shango a 6 out of 10 when he came with twice the accessories Kane did here. The difference is, while Shango had more stuff, quantity does not equal quality. Kane’s accessory is small, and not that noticeable, but it undoubtedly enhances his look for any knowledgeable, hardcore fan. They didn’t overthink it, it’s well made, and, as I stated, it improves the overall look of the figure, despite being small and largely unnoticeable. It’s subtle, but effective. I’d honestly rather have more cool little accessories like this one then some of the useless junk we get with other guys (Christian’s track suit, t-shirts of any kind…). Solid accessory, despite just being a little hunk of plastic. I didn’t deposit this one directly into the accessories bin, and Kane is still holding it on my shelf, which is a clear indicator of the part’s merits.

Articulation: 9/10

This may be the first time I haven’t given a Mattel Elite a perfect articulation score. I’ll get to the reasons behind Kane’s lost point shortly, but for now, I’ll just break down the standard, (usually) near-flawless Elite articulation.

Here’s the first thing that contributed to Kane’s loss of a point. Most Elites have a ball jointed neck allowing for the head to be rotated 360 degrees. Due to the size and sculpt of Kane’s head, his neck joint is limited to looking left and right. It can get a tad aggravating, but I think his headsculpt is good enough that the limited articulation is worth it.

Kane has an ab-crunch, allowing him to be bent forward and backward. No problems here.

Kane’s shoulder can be rotated and can also be lifted up, allowing for a greater range of poses for his arm.

Kane’s elbow has a hinge, allowing bending, and his wrist has a hinge and a peg, allowing it to be rotated and bent.

Kane’s waist is cut, allowing his entire upper body to be rotated 360 degrees.

Here’s the other big issue I have with Kane’s articulation. His leg has a peg connecting it to the waist, allowing it to be reaised and rotated. However, the peg doesn’t work very well. I can’t get the peg up very high. It sticks. I’m afraid of breaking the Kane if I try to push it too far, so I kind of have to leave it at a certain point. I’m not sure if they’re all like this, or if it’s an error specific to mine, but it’s quite aggravating and the big reason behind the lost point.

Kane has a cut on his thigh allowing his whole leg below the very upper thigh to be rotated.

He’s got a hinged knee, allowing the knee to be bent.

And finally, Kane has a cut boot, allowing his shoe to be rotated, and hinged ankles, allowing bending.

The articulation is solid overall on this figure, but there are a few issues (Perhaps specific to my figure) that hold it back from the standard perfection.

Paint: 9/10

The paint job on my Kane was decent. All of my Mattel figures have good paint jobs, with few issues between them. Kane’s outfit has a very cool, overly black and read aestethic to it. He’s pretty much red with black designs all over his body. The figure has a great look and really stands out on the shelf.

(Apologies for the bluriness here. My camera sucks a little bit.)

FUN Value: 9/10

This was a no-brainer. This Kane is awesome! It’s an extremely well-done representation of one of the coolest looks he’s had in his career. He also has one of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen on a Mattel figure. Couple that with decent articulation, and a very cool, uncharacteristically useful accessory that actually IMPROVES the overall look of the figure for once, and you have a recipe for FUN. Kids will love this figure, because he’s a big, scary bad-guy for their wrestlers to fight, and collectors will love it because most people really dig Kane, and it’s always nice to have multiple representations of characters.

Overall: 9/10

I would definitely recommend picking this Kane up, if you can find him for a decent price. Like usual, I’m unwilling to pay more than 20 dollars for a WWE figure that I have a chance of finding at retail, but that’s just me. If you’re a huge Kane fan, get it regardless of price because it’s the best interpretation of the Big Red Machine to date. If you’re just a huge WWE figure fan, get it if you can find it because it’s an awesome figure whether you like Kane or not. Mattel really outdid themselves with this Kane; I think he may have the best headsculpt I’ve seen on a Mattel figure to date. Solid figure that I can’t possibly put any more emphasis on the quality of.

I hope you enjoyed my Kane review! To talk wrestling or action figures, email me ( or friend me on Facebook (Nodq Geddy Cahoon)! Also, don’t forget to apply for the Writer’s Search, and check out my blog, Nerd World Country! We have action figure reviews (From yours truly), comic book art reviews, assorted nerdy bits and bobs, and a podcast! The podcast is free to download on iTunes, search “Nerd World Country Podcast.” Check the site and podcast out!

Until next time, let’s all keep collecting action figures well beyond the age it’s generally considered socially acceptable!

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