Figure Review – Mattel WWE Elite Series 12 Alberto Del Rio

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on January 27, 2012

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with your weekly Quick Wrestling News figure review! Before getting into this, I’d like to thank a friend of Eric Kanes’ who’s name escapes me at the moment for the snazzy new logo that will now be at the top of all my reviews. I figured this week I would review the final figure I own from Mattel’s Elite Series 12 line, Alberto Del Rio.

Now, this figure was Mattel’s first stab at an Elite Del Rio. Does it stack up against their amazing Basic 12 Del Rio from a few months back? Find out in this review!

Sculpt – 9/10

This Del Rio has the exact same head as the Basic 12 one, which is to say that it’s flawless. One of Mattel’s best headsculpts for sure. It’s a bit disheartening to see the same head on a Basic AND an Elite though.

The body is… Great, but it isn’t flawless like the Basic. It’s definitely too defined and muscular. Del Rio’s a big guy, but his abs aren’t this defined. A good body for sure, but not necessarily a good DEL RIO body.

Solid sculpt, definitely worthy of the high score given, but the Basic Del Rio really just has a more fitting body.

Accessories – 9/10

I actually really dig Del Rio’s accessories. He came with two. A scarf to wear around his neck, which is cool. It’s a bit long, but it adequately conveys the look he has in his entrance, and enhances the figure’s overall appearance. I’m all for accessories that do that. Mattel seems to not make enough of them…

His second accessory, while very cool and way above the normal sub-par standard set for Mattel accessories, isn’t really “Useful.” Like I said though, it’s really neat. It’s a little chihuahua with a Rey Mysterio mask on, from those promos a year and a half ago where Del Rio held the dog while ripping Rey, and you could easily see how much pain the dog was in due to having a microphone being held right next to its very sensitive ears. It’s a little minifigure, so you’re basically getting two figures with this Del Rio, which warrants a high score. I wouldn’t pose him with any of my wrestlers, but I have the chihuahua as a little kind of bits and bobs piece with some Batman and Marvel minifigures on top of my TV. He’s a cool little doggy!

Overall, this Del Rio had some above average accessories. Both are very cool, and bring some nice things to the table.

Articulation – 10/10

This is a Mattel Elite. The articulation is perfect. Del Rio features:

A ball jointed neck, allowing for total head rotation

An ab-crunch, allowing his torso to be bent forward or backward

A full range of arm motion, including a hinged elbow and a swivel wrist

A cut waist, allowing the entire upper body to be rotated

And a full range of motion on his legs, including hinged knees and a cut boot.

Mattel never shorts us on the Elite articulation, Del Rio’s no exception.

Paint – 9/10

I had no quality issues with the paint on my Del Rio. At least, none that were immediately noticeable. His trunks are a pale yellow, and his boots and kneepads are white. I took a point off because his trunks are mostly white now, and thus, these are out of date. Cause it’s my reviewing column and I’ll be as picky as I damn well please! I do appreciate the fine work done with his back tattoos though. Pretty solid overall job here.

FUN Value – 8/10

This Del Rio is pretty fun. He has the awesome Elite articulation, plus an above average sculpt to boot. Throw in some pretty damn cool accessories, and you’ve got yourself one fun figure. Del Rio himself is relatively stale these days, but figures of him are sure to please. Plus, I just can’t get over how awesome the little chihuahua is! I might enjoy it more than ADR.

Overall – 9/10

So, from a scoring standpoint, this Elite Del Rio is “better” than his Basic counterpart. In terms of articulation, I’d definitely agree. But other than that, the Basic is superior in every way, including attire and body sculpt. I’m not saying this figure isn’t great – It is. I don’t even like Del Rio much anymore, but I bought it. I’d pick it up whether you like him or not, if you can find this in a store, because it’s a nice addition to any collection. It’s just that in this one instance, a Basic was somehow better than an Elite. At least, in my opinion.

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  1. I found one at wal mart today opened it up to display it and it doesn’t have the tattoos!

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