WWE TLC 2011 PPV Preview with Eric Kanes and Geddy Cahoon

Written by Eric Kanes.

Published on December 17, 2011





What’s up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes, and I am back here today with my monthly pay-per-view preview. I will break things down and give the realistic odds for each match.

This month, neither RiZE nor Buzz were able to send in their predictions so it will be just myself and QuickWrestlingNews columnist Geddy Cahoon giving our predictions for each match. On a side note, at the start of January, we will be holding a writer search at QuickWrestlingNews so the Royal Rumble preview should be the biggest one yet, with lots of new writers. Make sure to add me on Facebook for more on that and to keep up with all of my latest columns.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (Tables Match)

Eric Kanes: The first match on the card will likely be the tables match between Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. This one could really go either way since Randy Orton has been losing a lot lately to just about everybody but David Otunga. On the other hand, this is a tables match, which is the perfect opportunity for a heel like Barrett to get a cheap victory. Look at last year where Miz defeated Orton or 2009 where Sheamus defeated John Cena. I’ll go ahead and say that the trend continues here and Wade Barrett picks up the win. I hope that this will be the end of the feud, though. Barrett winning does nothing if Orton beats him two weeks later on SmackDown. He can toss Barrett out at the Rumble as revenge but I really hope that Barrett just wins here and both guys move on.

Eric’s Pick: Wade Barrett

Geddy Cahoon: I’m not sure what to think for this match. WWE has been building Barrett up lately, so a win for him here would be logical. However, Randy Orton rarely loses and he’s been losing CONSTANTLY in recent weeks. Based on WWE logic, top stars never go too long without winning a match clean. I assume the feud will continue past this PPV, but I’m not sure. The only way it would have a reason to continue would be if Barrett wins, forcing Orton to attempt to gain vengeance. I’ll say Barrett wins, even though as I said, going by WWE logic, he more than likely won’t. I’ll be optimistic and assume they make the right move for once. Perhaps Wade wins through some underhanded tactic?

Geddy’s Pick: Wade Barrett

Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T

Eric Kanes: This is another match that really could go either way. Cody Rhodes could use the victory but with talks of Booker T having one more run, this would be the perfect way for it to start. Have him pick up the win and then go on to have one more reign as Intercontinental champ, while feuding with all of the midcard heels. I’m not against this at all as it would make the Intercontinental title more important by having a legend hold it and it would also take Booker off commentary. Win-win.

Eric’s Pick: Booker T

Geddy Cahoon: This match alone might entice me to get TLC. It would be my second WWE PPV in a row… Anyway, this match could be match of the night. Two solid, entertaining performers, and it’s a solidly built feud. Don’t expect Booker to capture the IC Title though haha. The entire purpose of this feud, as any feud with a retired star should be, to put Cody over. Good news for two reasons. Cody winning is always nice, and if this match goes well, Booker might be involved in some other feuds in the future. I love the guy, and his commentary is…less than stellar, regardless of how entertaining it is. It’ll be cool to see him wrestling semi-frequently, and not announcing.

Geddy’s Pick: Cody Rhodes

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash (Ladder Match)

Eric Kanes: To be honest, I don’t see the point in making this a Ladder match as both guys have used sledgehammers of their own before and it’s just asking for one of them to snap something up. I don’t have very high expectations for this match and it’s a shame that the Ladder match was wasted on this. Hell, Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder could’ve been a good Ladder match. Either way, I either expect Triple H to grab the sledgehammer and then beat Kevin Nash up with it or Kevin Nash to grab the sledgehammer and then Triple H to get his own from under the ring and use it to win the match. I don’t think this feud will go on much longer so Triple H will more than likely pick up the win here.

Eric’s Pick: Triple H

Geddy Cahoon: Ugh. This match is going to be terrible. This feud is very low on the importance level. It’s suffering a lot from RAW’s daily rewrites, and apparently HHH wasn’t even penciled in for the Slammys initially. It’s like WWE WANTS people to not give a crap about this feud. Based on how unimportant it is, I’ll say HHH climbs the ladder and wins the match. Or, HHH climbs the ladder and gets the sledgehammer then hits Nash with it and wins. Or, HHH gets the sledgehammer, beats Nash with it, pins him then wins…How the hell do you win this match? All this nonsense aside, this one could be entertaining if only for the sheer awfulness of it. Sad, because it’s really freaking cool to see Kevin Nash wrestling for WWE in 2011. But Kevin Nash has a history of sucking, so does it really surprise anyone that his return angle sucks?

Geddy’s Pick: Triple H

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Eric Kanes: This has been a good feud and it has put some emphasis on the importance of the U.S. title with John Cena even giving up a WWE title shot to get Zack Ryder another shot at this title. Since John Cena isn’t on the card, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have him in Zack’s corner. Anyway, Zack Ryder has to win here. Dolph has no reason to hold the U.S. title while Zack Ryder could have a good run as the underdog champion. I’m locking in Zack Ryder as my pick due to common sense.

Eric’s Pick: Zack Ryder

Geddy Cahoon: Well, here we are. Zack Ryder is getting another US Title shot, and he’s likely to win this time. I’m not a huge fan of Ryder, as I state at every opportunity, but I AM behind Ziggler getting a main event push, which is likely to happen after this PPV. I know Eric isn’t a huge fan of Ziggler, and I agree that his mic work could use a bit of an improvement. Talking really fast DOESN’T automatically make you a good talker. But other aspects of Ziggler’s character and mannerisms are entertaining. I assume Ryder either goes over clean, or Cena interferes to help him, so his exit from the WWE title match was not in vain.

Geddy’s Pick: Zack Ryder

Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show (Tables Match)

Eric Kanes: Two months ago, when these two were about to have a match at Vengeance, I was actually kind of looking forward to it because it was built up pretty well. Now, all momentum that this feud might have had is gone. Furthermore, a lot of the momentum that Mark Henry had is now gone. You know why that is? Because WWE has beat this feud into the ground for the past three months. It’s hard to make Mark Henry look like a monster when he only faces one guy, especially when that one guy is a lot bigger than he is. I just hope Henry wins here and this feud finally ends. It’s gone on way longer than it should have.

Eric’s Pick: Mark Henry

Geddy Cahoon: Oh my god, who cares about this? Really? Who cares? I had forgotten this was our World Title match, then I sat down to write this, and I unfortunately remembered that it was. This feud is so freaking boring. Henry’s winning. It’s a chair match. I literally could not care less, no way Big Show gets the title from Henry here. It’s going to mercifully be the end of this feud. Although, I’ve called that about all of their matches. I’ve always been wrong.

Geddy’s Pick: Mark Henry

CM Punk (c) vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio (TLC Match)

Eric Kanes: This should be a fun main event following the basic heel vs. heel vs. face triple threat formula where Miz and Del Rio beat down Punk for the majority of the match, then they turn on each other, and Punk ends up getting the win. What sucks is that R-Truth is out, because otherwise this would’ve likely been CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth. Since they can apparently hold off suspensions, I would’ve held off his suspension to have the match and then have Miz turn on him after the match. That way, CM Punk could’ve moved on to a feud with The Miz and R-Truth wouldn’t have to miss any PPVs, as there is 42 days between TLC and Royal Rumble. It’s just a case of bad timing here. Punk vs. Miz vs. Del Rio will still be good but I definitely would’ve preferred the alternative.

Eric’s Pick: CM Punk

Geddy Cahoon: Our other world championship match also has a somewhat predictable ending. After months of the WWE Title changing hands at every PPV, I predict Punk will be hanging on to it for some time. Despite the predictability, this match is more than likely going to be the highlight of the night. These are three solid performers, and though it sucks that Del Rio is in the spot that would’ve likely been for R-Truth, I really don’t want to get into that now. Point is, this match will likely break the *** mark. Punk’s going to win, no question. But, as One Piece has often shown us, life is about the journey, not the destination. And this match is sure to be a hell of a journey. Sorry if no one gets that reference I just made. I needed some sort of obscure analogy.

Geddy’s Pick: CM Punk

Bonus Questions

As always, here are some bonus questions for our readers:

Which match will steal the show?

Eric Kanes: Definitely the triple threat TLC. Those are always fun.

Geddy Cahoon: Geez… I would say Cody/Booker, but I’ll go with Punk/Miz/Del Rio. These are RAW’s top three performers. No way they won’t put on a solid, show-stealing match.

With only six matches on the card as of right now, which match should be added to the card?

Eric Kanes: There’s plenty of things they could’ve done. A ladder match between Air Boom and Primo & Epico could’ve been good. Another interesting match they could’ve done is Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan in a Tables match for #1 contendership to the World Championship. Hell, if you want, you could just have Brodus Clay make his debut on the PPV, destroying just about any midcard face. There’s plenty of things they could’ve done but it’ll likely just be a six match card with a 10 minute John Cena promo to fill up time.

Geddy Cahoon: Epico and Primo vs. Air Boom. Just throw it on there! It doesn’t need to be super-hyped. Now that Bourne’s back, the tag titles should be defended at every PPV if WWE wants the division to see a resurgence.

Do you think that TLC can top Survivor Series?

Eric Kanes: In terms of match quality, yes, it can. The triple threat TLC match should be really good while Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder, Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton, and Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T can be decent as well. You also can’t forget about Kevin Nash vs. Triple H, which can’t be anything but a five star classic. In terms of hype, it’s pretty much impossible, though.

Geddy Cahoon: I wasn’t too fond of Survivor Series. TLC actually has a pretty solid card to boot. However, even people within the company are wary that TLC may have the worst buyrates this year. And really, how do you follow up The Rock’s return? Perhaps from a technical standpoint in terms of match quality, TLC will top Survivor Series, but in terms of buys and just the spectacle aspect of wrestling, there’s no way to top The Rock.

Will you be ordering this PPV?

Eric Kanes: I more than likely will.

Geddy Cahoon: I’m honestly not sure. It’s Christmas time, obviously, so I don’t know if I can spare the money. It does look pretty sweet though, and I am kind of eager to see Cody vs. Booker T and the train wreck that will be Kevin Nash vs. HHH. I’ll say no just because I think I’m Christmas shopping Sunday, and thus will probably be out of money. It does look pretty awesome though. It’s more a money issue, which is probably why WWE is worried it’s going to do so poorly. December’s a bad time for a pay-per-view.

And that shall conclude our PPV Preview.

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Until next time, I’m out!

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