Figure Review – Mattel WWE Elite Series 9 The Miz

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on December 02, 2011

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with a surprisingly on time edition of your Figure Review! I was out of commision for the past two weeks, first due to an issue with my SD card reader (I couldn’t upload any pictures with it) and then due to the Holiday. I’m back now though, and without further ado, if this is your first time checking out one of my reviews, I rate the figure in 5 categories:

- Sculpt
- Articulation/Playability
- Paint
- Accessories
- FUN Value

I figured it would be good to return to the feature with one of my favorite Mattel WWE figures, the Elite Series 9 Miz!

Funny (Or frustrating, depending on your point of view) story about this figure. I live in New Jersey, and action figure circulation in my area is somewhat poor. Toys R Us-es and department stores are always a few series behind whatever the current line that’s out is supposed to be. Elite 9 was supposed to drop around March, stores in my area didn’t start stocking it until around June. I spent, more or less, the whole Summer looking for this goddamn Miz. I refused to order it offline. Finding this thing was my journey, and the hunt is half the fun of collecting. Why cheat, order it off line, and ruin the fun? I searched. I searched and searched and searched. My brother found one while I was freaking on vacation, and I couldn’t get it. Fate did not want me to get this Miz. I more or less gave up, when I finally found it in a freaking Target. Because Target is more on time with the releases of figures than Toys R Us, a freaking toy store. I spent months looking for this thing. Does that make my opinion of it more critical? More nitpicky? Find out in this review!

Sculpt – 8/10
The sculpt on this Miz is somewhat hit and miss. I really dig the head. It resembles Miz greatly, and it’s much better than the goofy smiling headsculpt he used to have. Mattel did a good job with it, and I’m glad because Elite heads can be somewhat hit and miss. I also enjoy how the hair is sculpted on and looks realistic. Some figures either have their hair as a seperate piece that’s attached to the head (R-Truth) or it’s sculpted on but still looks cheap and terrible (Jack Swagger). The Miz’s hair looks realistic and impressive. I also really dig his expression too. It’s nice and intense. The headsculpt is a delight overall.

The body… Is somewhat disappointing. Miz isn’t the biggest guy ever, but he’s got a really wide frame and some pretty big traps. This figure is far too skinny and narrow. Mattel really needs to consider making some more varied body types; A stout body resembling Punk and/or Miz would be a nice addition to the Elite line. The body Miz has been given here would look awesome on a Cody Rhodes, or some other skinny guy, but Miz isn’t skinny. It’s not a bad looking body, as I keep reiterating, but it’s not a good Miz body. Standard Mattel body issue.

Like usual for Mattel, it’s a decent sculpt with some unignorable flaws holding it back from greatness.

Articulation/Playability – 10/10
Miz has the standard Mattel Elite articulation. It’s pure perfection, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse still saying that at this point. Here’s a breakdown for any and all newcomers. Miz features:

A ball jointed neck, allowing for up and down head movement and 360 degree head rotation…

A hinged shoulder, allowing his shoulder to be rotated and bent…

(Apologies for the blurry photo…)

Everything below his shoulder is a seperate piece, allowing the arm as a whole to be rotated…

A hinged elbow, allowing bending…

A cut wrist, with a hinge on the hand, allowing rotation and bending of the hand…

An ab-crunch, allowing Miz’s torso to be bent back and forth…

A cut waist, allowing Miz’s entire upper body to be rotated 360 degrees…

His legs are ball jointed, allowing them to be spread apart, rotated, and moved back and forth…

A cut right above his thigh, allowing a large portion of his leg to be rotated…

Hinged knees, allowing his knees to be bent…

A cut boot, allowing his boot to be rotated 360 degrees…

And a hinged ankle, allowing Miz’s foot to be bent. The hinges on mine don’t work particularly well, but it’s not a huge issue…

As always, the Mattel Elite articulation delivers. Not much more can be said here.

Accessories – 9/10
Mattel Elites generally come with a somewhat decent number of accessories. Miz here comes with two. First off, he’s got the United States Championship. This figure came out while he was WWE Champ, or soon after that, I think. But Mattel is always somewhat behind with its appearances and such when it comes to figures (A Dolph Ziggler with the World Heavyweight Championship is coming out soon…). The US Title is pretty amazing though. There’s a ton of detail on the front and side plates.

The colors on this thing really pop, and I’ve always loved the US Championship’s aesthetic in general, so I this is my probably my favorite figure belt. My only issue with it would have to be that it’s somewhat oversized, in comparison to the figures and the other belts in the line…

That’s a minor issue that doesn’t bother me much though. The other accessory Miz comes with is his Pay Per View jacket. It’s pretty nice looking. There’s a lot of detail on it, and once it’s on The Miz it’ll look pretty good on any collector’s shelf.

The coat however, while nice looking, is actually kind of a terrible accessory. It’s made of a ridiculously tough material. I have no idea why, but it’s so thick and tough that he can’t actually move his arms in the jacket. Also, since it isn’t at all flexible, every time you take it off of him or put it back on, you essentially run the risk of breaking the figure. It can get annoying, and the coat is actually a bit jagged! I scraped my hands while messing around with it for this review! Despite the jacket’s flaws, the US Title is really awesome, and the Jacket looks really nice, so Miz gets a 9 in the accessories category.

Paint – 9/10
My Miz doesn’t really have any immediately noticeable paint issues. His color scheme is a bit drab though. His trunks and boots are black with a white design. It all looks very nice, but it doesn’t really pop.

FUN Value – 9/10
Well, as usual, I can say that you’re going to have fun with this figure. It’s an accurate is somewhat flawed representation of Miz. There are many ways to pose it due to the large amount of articulation. It’s fun for any kids who may buy it, and due to this and the accessories, it’s a decent addition to any collector’s shelf. The drab color scheme and torso are somewhat disappointing, but if you can overlook them, you’ve got a decidedly fun figure to own here.

This week…


Next week… We’ll see…

Overall: 9/10
This figure is great! Aside from those same few issues I keep glossing over, it was well worth the months of searching I did for it. I definitely recommend picking this one up if you can get him for below 20 bucks… I refuse to pay more than that for WWE figures. It’s fittingly Awesome, and not much more can be said.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Mattel Elite 9 Miz review. To talk action figures, wrestling, or just nerdy stuff in general, email me ( or friend me on Facebook (Nodq Geddy Cahoon)! Also, don’t forget to check out my website, Nerd World Country! We have a podcast (The podcast is on iTunes, free to download! Get it!), a comic art review feature, and an action figure review feature. We try to cover a very broad range of topics in the Podcast, so give it a listen if you’re nerdy at all about everything! Any and all views of the site and listens to the Podcasts are appreciated!

Until next time, thanks for reading, and let’s all keep collecting action figures well beyond the age it’s generally considered socially acceptable!

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