Figure Review – Mattel WWE Basics Series 10 Zack Ryder

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on December 09, 2011

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with your Quick Wrestling News Figure Review! I’ve been a little bit under the weather recently (A NASTY cough that’s causing me to sound like Christian Bale’s Batman, actually), so this review is going to be a little short compared to how I usually do things. If this is your first time checking out my reviews, I rate the figure in 5 categories:

- Sculpt
- Articulation/Playability
- Paint
- Accessories
- FUN Value

Without further stalling, today I decided to review Mattel’s Basic Zack Ryder, a figure I picked up in… May or June, I can’t remember.

I used to really love Zack Ryder, but then I went to a Smackdown show in July, and after the show he was getting into his car, and he wouldn’t even LOOK at the fans who were yelling things at him. I don’t expect every single guy to run around and start shaking people’s hands… But he could’ve at least waved. We were the reason he was even in that stupid “Co-GM” storyline. I would’ve appreciated some sort of acknowledgment. And he looked even worse compared to R-Truth, who actually went around the perimeter of the ENTIRE parking lot and high-fived EVERYONE (While staying in character and talking to himself the whole time; It was actually awesome) so now I kind of hate Zack Ryder and wish I didn’t have this toy anymore. Will this obvious bias affect my review of the figure?! Read on and find out!

Sculpt – 9/10

Hatred of Zack Ryder aside, I can’t dispute the fact that this sculpt is above average. The face is strikingly accurate, but his expression is a bit goofy. The only other issue I have with his head is that his hair is slicked back for some reason, not spiked. It’s his freaking catchphrase, Mattel. It’s not “Take Care, Slick Your Hair.” Get it right… But it’s a pretty great head that I can’t levy any massive complaints about.

The body is also decent. It’s Mattel’s “Stout” body, used for guys like CM Punk, Miz, and for some reason Cody Rhodes. A lot of times guys who shouldn’t have it get it, but this body fits Zack Ryder. It resembles his build. The only issues I have with it are that it’s a tad bit too wide, and his neck is a lot bigger than the one on this body.

Overall, I can only make minor complaints about this figure’s sculpt. I’d love to slander Zack Ryder, but I can’t deny that Mattel did a good job with this one.

Articulation/Playability – 6/10

Ryder features the standard Mattel Basic articulation. I usually give it a 7, but I don’t like Ryder, so 6. The articulation is good on the upper body; A ball jointed head, hinged shoulders, hinged elbows, hinged wrists, and a cut at the waist allowing the whole torso to be rotated.

The lower body is really weak in comparison though. Cut legs, cut boots, higned knees, and hinged ankles.

Mattel’s Basic figures are NOT fun to play with, so they always get weak scores in this category. Remember, if it’s not a statue, a figure should have some degree of playability, since they’re marketed towards kids typically as well. Mattel’s figures fail in that category.

Paint – 8/10

Grr, another well done aspect of this figure that I’m forced to give a somewhat high score to. This figure had no paint issues I could see; The only reason he doesn’t get a perfect 10 is because his color scheme is a little drab. It’s just black with purple designs. He’s kind of boring looking, but from a techincal standpoint, issue-less.

(I do dig this license plate thing though…)

Accessories – N/A

Mattel Basic figures don’t come with accessories. Can’t rank him when there’s nothing to evaluate.

FUN Value – 5/10

I don’t know if you’ll have fun with this figure. It looks a little bland, and it kind of just blends in on your shelf. It doesn’t pop, and there are some minor inaccuracies and issues with it. If you’re a huge Zack Ryder fan, you’ll love it I guess, but I don’t like the guy, so I kind of hate it now. Maybe it’s just me being grumpy and sick, but I went with the low score because I couldn’t make an accurate ruling on the Ryder’s fun value. I decided to meet myself midway and just go with the 5/10.

Uhh… Zack Attack… I guess.

Sigh… In case it’s not obvious, I got really bored with this…

Unfortunately, this is probably going to happen soon…

Overall – 7/10

Like I said in the FUN Value section, I don’t know if I can recommend this figure. It’s average at best. If you’re a huge Ryder fan, go nuts. If you’re only sort of into him, more figures are coming, and they’re sure to be better than this. I’d say wait it out.

Well that’s it! I’ll admit I phoned it in a little bit this week. Hopefully when next Thursday rolls around I’ll feel better and will be more into the review. To talk action figures or wrestling, email me ( or friend me on Facebook (Nodq Geddy Cahoon). Don’t forget to check out my nerdy website, Nerd World Country! We do Figure Reviews, Comic book art reviews, and a Podcast (Which is free to download on iTunes! Check it out, search Nerd World Country!). If you’re in any way nerdy, please give the site a look!

Until next time, let’s all keep collecting action figures well beyond the age it’s generally considered socially acceptable!

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