Figure Review – Mattel WWE Elite Series 10 R-Truth

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on November 12, 2011

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with your slightly delayed action figure review! The reason for the delay will be gotten into later, but for now, let’s focus on the review at hand! If this is your first time reading my stuff, I break the figure down and rate it in 5 categories:

- Sculpt
- Articulation/Playability
- Accessories
- Paint
- FUN Value

Now I know I just reviewed an R-Truth 2 weeks back, but I couldn’t resist sharing this better R-Truth that I picked up the other day! It’s from the fairly recent (For stores, anyway) Mattel Elite Series 10… Pseudo-Heel R-Truth! See why it’s pseudo-heel a little bit later…

Sculpt: 9/10

The sculpt on this R-Truth overall is very good. The head is more or less the same as the Extreme Rules Truth. It’s got an oddly complacent expression, but it is a little more forgivable on this Elite version of the figure, as improvements have been made to the head overall.

Truth’s hair is still a seperate piece, very visibly attached to his face, but it looks a lot more like hair, and not plastic here. It’s more textured, and the little locks hanging off are a lot more pliable and just overall more realistic this time around.

The body fits Truth perfectly. It’s Mattel’s larger Elite body. Truth is pretty ripped, so again, it works well.

There’s a lot going on with Truth’s lower body, so I decided to include a pick of that as well. His belt and jeans look very nice and are well sculpted, especially for an area of the figure that it would’ve been very easy to just shoddily do and move on. Mattel did a good job with it though, and I applaud them for that.

My only complaints with the sculpt lie with the fact that his arms are sort of unnaturally long in comparison to the rest of the figure, and again the face/head is a little bit odd. However, these gripes are minor, especially considering how well the figure works on all other levels.

Articulation: 10/10

Truth features the standard Mattel Elite articulation, which is perfect. Since that’s not really a suitable description for an entire category, I will break down each point of articulation on Mr. Truth!

First off, Truth has a ball jointed neck, allowing for 360 degree head rotation

An ab-crunch, allowing him to be bent forward or backward at the middle of his torso

His shoulders are hinged with a peg, allowing bending and rotation

Truth’s arms also have a peg, allowing the whole arm to be rotated

The elbows are hinged as well, allowing bending, though it is slightly limited by his elbow pads, which are very thick

Truth’s hands are hinged and pegged, allowing bending and rotation

For his final upper body articulation point, Truth has a cut waist, allowing 360 degree torso rotation.

Mattel Elites have amazing upper body articulation. The lower bodies are awesome as well!

Truth has balljointed/pegged legs, allowing the legs to be seperated and rotated

There’s a small cut right above his thigh, allowing the lower 3/4ths of the leg to be rotated as well

Truth’s knees are hinged, allowing the knees to be bent

And, last but not least, Truth has, due to his jeans, these odd, ball-jointed pegs in his feet, instead of Mattel’s rocker ankles. This ball joint allows the feet to be rocked back and forth. It’s an odd little stand in for the standard rocker ankles.

Truth’s articulation is nothing short of perfect, like all Mattel Elites.

Accessories: 9/10

Truth is an Elite, which means he comes with ACCESSORIES! Now, due to this Truth’s neutral expression and his black jeans, this figure is a very suitable heel R-Truth. However, his accessories sort of show that this figure was not intended to work as heel Truth. He has his old t-shirt, with lyrics from his “What’s Up” song on it.

He’s also got two blue bandana things tied around his wrists, and a cool little necklace.

Even though they blatantly scream “Boring, Face Truth” these accessories are nice and look pretty good on the figure. Truth also comes with a microphone, which I like, because I’ve wanted a Mattel mic for a pretty long time.

Truth comes with 4 accessories, and they’re all good. They ARE a tad boring though, being in tune with Truth’s Face side and all, so I can’t really call them perfect. Elite accessories are usually nice, and I appreciate when they have many accessories, like our friend Truth does!

Paint: 8/10

The paint on my figure is… Alright. The painting of the piercings on Truth’s face is a tad sloppy, and his earrings are the same color as his skin. His color scheme overall is black, with his white logo plastered on his jeans. There’s nothing wrong with the painting of the logos, from the inspection I gave them.

His chest tattoo is painted perfectly, but he appears to be missing his “Barba” tattoo on his left arm.

Finally, there are some pretty noticeable marks on the back of my figure.

The little white flecks you see, though not immediately noticeable since you will generally be viewing the front of the figure, do bug me and account for the reduced score.

FUN Value: 10/10

Again, like usual, I can say that you will have a lot of fun with this figure. Kids can easily play with it, since it’s an Elite with supreme articulation. Collectors will absolutely adore it as well. It will look great in your collection (Although he is scaled VERY small for some reason, which sort of bugs me. My Elite Truth is shorter than my Elite Christian and it really bugs me) and hardcore Truth fans (Like me!) will appreciate a representation of one of their favorites done this well.

I assume they’re talking about the C-O-N…SPIRACY…

Cena’s gonna GET GOT!

Told you he was gonna GET GOT…

Crazy, Awesome, Elite victory!

Overall: 9/10

This figure is great! It’s definitely worth your time and money. However, be warned. It is a bit rare to find at retail. Truth is beloved on the internet, and not exactly loved by kids, so stores won’t be stocking much of him in the first place, and the ones they do stock will sell out fast. I found him, believe it or not, at a Wal-Mart for 16 bucks. I wouldn’t pay MUCH more than that for him, regardless of my love for Truth, because Mattel figures in general are very small, so I don’t like paying much more than retail for any of them. Still, if you can find him for a decent enough price online, and you like Truth, figures, or WWE, definitely pick this one up!

Thanks for reading! To talk action figures or wrestling, email me ( or friend me on Facebook (Nodq Geddy Cahoon)! If my review swayed you, Truth can be purchased here:

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