Figure Review – Mattel WWE PPV Series (Extreme Rules) R-Truth

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on October 30, 2011

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with your extremely late action figure review. I was really busy this week, so for anybody who was really looking forward to this (And I doubt there were many), sorry it’s so late. For those of you who don’t know the drill, for my reviews, I break down the figure and rate it in terms of five categories:

- Sculpt
- Articulation/Playability
- Paint
- Accessories
- FUN Value

Today’s figure is a fairly new one that I actually just bought, the Mattel WWE Extreme Rules R-Truth!







SCULPT: 8/10
I’m torn about the headsculpt of this R-Truth… It’s good enough, I guess. But there are some off elements to it. He looks far too complacent for a figure that’s based on the early stages of Truth’s heel run. I know they can’t just make a new headsculpt like that, but it distracts from the overall tone of the figure, which has an undeniable bad guy vibe to it. Also, his eyes aren’t nearly big enough. Truth’s got some buggy eyes, and they are not adequately captured here. His piercings are a nice touch though. They’re well done for such a precise part of the face, and his earrings are sculpted on, not just painted. The head and face are fairly decent, if a bit too calm.







The hair is a bit more on the bad side though. It’s a seperate piece from the rest of his head, for some reason, unlike the hair on most figures, which is sculpted on. The dividing line where the two pieces meet is quite visible and ugly.






It’s also quite choppy looking. There are little braids inconsistently hanging off, and it just… Doesn’t look like hair. It looks like plastic. There’s a distinct lack of texture to it.






The body is fairly decent. It’s pretty cut, which is good cause Truth is a buff guy. But it’s a tad too wide. Other than that, no complaints about the body.







Overall, it’s a decent if somewhat flawed sculpt. So it’s standard for Mattel.







Take THAT, JoMo!

Truth has the standard Mattel Basic articulation. In terms of upper body, there’s a ball jointed neck for 360 degree head turning







Hinged shoulders that allow rotation







Hinged elbows for bending







Hinged wrists that allow turning/bending







And a cut waist, allowing 360 degree rotation





Mattel Basics have awesome upper body articulation. However, their lower bodies are always lacking greatly. Remember, this is a toyline for kids who are gonna play with the figures. It is TOUGH to play with Mattel Basics, due to their crappy lower bodies. Truth has the standard, which is cut legs allowing for movement up and down





Hinged knees







And rocker ankles (That are not very apparent or usable due to Truth’s jeans).






Mattel’s lower bodies bug me, which accounts for the somewhat reduced score…

PAINT: 10/10
The paint on my R-Truth is actually impeccable. He has black attire, tattoos, and awesome purple/yellow logos all over the jeans. It’s all painted perfectly without a single error. There’s not much else I can say, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Regardless of how well it’s painted, I’m fairly certain this is a typo…

This is sooo awesome, and undoubtedly the high point of the figure. It’s so subtle and amazing. I LOVE IT.


Truth, like all Mattel Basics, has zilch in the way of accessories. It’s not a detraction, cause you don’t buy Basics expecting accessories, but I can’t really rate him in this category. Also, he doesn’t come with the elbow pads he’s wearing in this review. I added those off of my Zack Ryder.

Like usual, I can confidently say that you will have fun with this figure. Few issues with the sculpt aside, it’s nice to look at, and will look great on your shelf or in your case or on your roof or wherever you keep your collection. And the less than stellar legs won’t detract much if he’s just sitting in your collection… I doubt they’ll matter too much to the kids playing with it either.

The Awesome Truth

Kofi’s gonna get got!

The beginning of a Paydirt…


That’s right… There are two guys in Air Boom.

Not if Miz has anything to say about it!

Crazy, Awesome victory.

Overall: 9/10
This figure is undoubtedly worth your time and money, despite any issues I may have described. Even if you don’t like anything about it, it’s worth it for that awesome SHUT UP! on the back of his pants. I effing LOVE THAT. This would make a great edition to anybody’s collection.

As always, thanks for reading. To talk wrestling, articles, action figures, or just nerdy stuff in general, email me ( or friend me on Facebook at Nodq Geddy Cahoon. Until next time, let’s all keep collecting action figures well beyond the age it’s generally considered socially acceptable!

If my review swayed you, R-Truth can be purchased here:

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