Action Figure Review – Mattel WWE Elite Series 8 Sheamus

Written by Geddy Cahoon.

Published on October 14, 2011

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here. For the sake of consistency, I’m uploading a second review this week here on Typically, all figure reviews will be up Thursdays. The first one ever went up this past Monday, but like I said, to stay consistent, I made another one today. As I mentioned in my first review, I’ll be rating the figure in terms of 5 categories in this review:

- Sculpt: How does this toy look? Is it accurate, inaccurate, what?
- Articulation/Playability: As a collector, can you get this thing into the right poses?
- Paint: This isn’t a huge deal for me, unless the paint is very bad, but I know it’s important to a lot of people, so I’ll go over it.
- Accessories: Does this figure have accessories? If so, are they even good?
- FUN Value: Are you going to get EXCITED about this figure?

I’ll rate the figure in terms of these 5 points, and give an overall at the end. Today, I decided to review an Elite Figure, the WWE Mattel Elite Series 8 Sheamus!






He’s the Celtic Warrior, fella.

SCULPT: 8/10
First off, we have the sculpt. Sheamus figures are always nice; He has a fairly unique look that doesn’t change often, so you could buy one Sheamus your whole life and you’d pretty much be set. That said… I’m a bit iffy about his sculpt overall. Sheamus is obviously a fairly large dude. He’s got a wide frame and stubby arms. I can’t really say this figure has accurately captured that. It all stems from Mattel reusing the same body parts for different figures. I know they can’t go back and shorten the arms just for Sheamus, but the arms are way too long nonetheless. The torso is muscular, but it’s not nearly wide enough. It’s a nice sculpt overall, but it’s not really Sheamus.







He’s a pasty Fella.

The head… I’m also a bit conflicted about. Again, it’s a good head, one of Mattel’s more accurate ones really, but there’s just something off about it. First off, his hair looks very odd when you’re looking straight at him, and his expression strikes me as “Stoned” not “Slyly/Evilly smiling.”







“Fella… That was some good bud.”

The score Sheamo received really comes down to the hair looking so odd, and him being so unnaturally skinny, two aspects of the figure that really bug me. They’re nice looking parts, but they’re not nice looking Sheamus parts. Curiously, this figure looks infinitely better when you have it turned sideways.

“What’s that fella? I don’t look gangly or awkward anymore? Imagine that!”

Overall, decent sculpt with a few off elements that set it back.







Sheamus attempts to put Christian away…

Articulation in Mattel’s Elite figures is amazing and unequal. It’s perfect and I can’t make any complaints. Same thing goes for playability. This is a toy you can mess around with. I’ll break it down, for those unfamiliar.

Sheamus has a ball jointed neck, allowing 360 degree rotation and multiple poses…







“What’s that ya say fella? There are potatoes over there?!”

Ball jointed shoulders that allow full rotation, and pegged arms with hinged elbows which allow full rotation and bending…





Hinged wrists, allowing for full rotation and bending…




An ab crunch that allows torso bending, and cut waist that allows 360 degree turning of the torso…







In terms of lower body, there’s a cut above each thigh, allowing the leg to be rotated…







Ball jointed legs, allowing spreading and turning…







Yes, I am aware of how suggestive this looks…

And hinged knees, rocker ankles, and cut boots, allowing respective bending and turning…







Sheamus, and all other Mattel Elite figures are STACKED in this department. They’re playability is obviously top notch as well. Perfect 10, all the way.

PAINT: 7/10
My Sheamus has some pretty glaring paint issues that I couldn’t bring myself to overlook for this review. I know I said I don’t sweat paint issues normally, but these are really aggravating. The colors are all good, his trunks and gear have an olive green/black/white color scheme, his hair is orange, and his skin is bone white (Interestingly, Mattel took eons to release a Sheamus figure because they actually had to invent a new color to match his skin. Weird stuff.) This is a mass produced line, so paint errors are common. I found this Sheamus at Target, and it was the last one, so I had no say in terms of the color. I would’ve tried to find the least messed up one, but even with the paint issues I had to get this one. The issues are still very glaring, and annoying, however. First off, he has a smear of orange on his forehead where his hair meets his head.







If you can’t see it, it’s because my camera is less than stellar. But I assure you, it’s there, and it’s annoying. It makes the figure look ugly and cheap. The other issue is the odd placement of the crosses on Sheamus’s wristbands.







As you can see, they look oddly curved. Obviously, issues like this will not plague every single figure. But it’s something to watch out for when buying these mass produced toys, and significantly reduces the score Sheamo gets in terms of paint.

Mattel always brings it with the accessories when it comes to the Elite line. All of them have at least one accessory, but Sheamus has three. They’re great, if a bit dated. First off, he has his patented steel pipe.




As you can see, it’s a bit cheap looking, but I like it. I especially like it because it’s great for kids who actually play with their toys. I know as a kid, I always liked to have weapons that my wrestlers could mangle each other with. Next up is his chain/cross pendant.






You can actually see the paint error A LOT better in this photo…

The chain has a nice bronzed/metallic look to it, and I don’t know why they didn’t apply the same wash or paint to the pipe to make it look less plastic-y. Finally, Sheamus comes packaged with what may be my favorite Mattel accessory overall, the beautiful WWE Championship.





This accessory is amazing, and looks like a real belt that Mattel shrunk with some sort of… Shrink ray. Anyway, the only thing holding these accessories back from perfect is that I think the pipe could’ve been done better.






Sheamus and Moss Man have… Similar looking weapons…

FUN VALUE: 10/10
Despite any qualms I may have, I can confidently say that you will have fun with this figure. You can put it in myriad poses, and even though it’s not a great SHEAMUS sculpt, it’s a great sculpt overall. It’s got a nice look to it, and will look great on your shelf. Or, in photos if you decide to let your inner child reign supreme for a few hours!




Christian and Grizzlor challenge Sheamus and Mossy…







But Sheamus says no! (Yes, that is my hand clearly holding them up. It was a tough shot.)







Grizzlor gets a Brogue Kick too!





OVERALL: 8.8/10
This figure is definitely worth picking up, if you can find it for a good enough price. I found him at Target for around 16 bucks, but he’s a bit rare. Overall, it’s a solid, if somewhat flawed figure that’s definitely worth your time and money.







Well, thanks for reading! If you wanna talk action figures or wrestling, I can be reached by email ( or through Facebook (Nodq Geddy Cahoon). Please please please friend NODQ GEDDY CAHOON, not GEDDY CAHOON. That’s my normal Facebook, and I never talk about wrestling with it. So unless you wanna see a bunch of dumb statuses about school and random nerdy stuff, friend Nodq Geddy Cahoon. Until next time, let’s all keep collecting action figures well past the age it’s generally considered socially acceptable!

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