Pictures: John Cena’s House

Written by Eric Kanes.

Published on August 05, 2011

The following are a few pictures of John Cena’s mansion in Florida:






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  1. Hi, I am a big fan of yours John Cena my biggest wish is to meet you in the picture here in Belgium and it’s hard to buy something from you

    many greetings from ricardo cena_boy

  2. nice house im one of your biggest fan
    always there for cheering on you

  3. Nice house, my brother is a huge fan of yours and he would love to meet u.

  4. Hi,john.i am one of ur fan’s.nd i want 2 meet u nd i need ur shirt whch u wears

    • tere bhan ki kus kutti ka bacha

  5. Wish u best of luck

  6. hi, john i m your biggest fan and my wish is to meet you at your house

  7. Look at all these creepy weirdos asking to meet the dude at his house. Too many stalkers on the interwebz. Get a life guys.

  8. you are my biggest fan ever and i whant a sherrt and a hat and tickets to raw

  9. whre do live

  10. The comments on this feature are a chilling view into the gaping maw of madness itself…

  11. Hi..jhon cena m ur bigest fan from BHUTAN..wana wish u good luck in wrestlemenia 28.i know u can do it n i truely believe u.just do it man..

  12. John Cena i am your biggest fan ever i love the cars and your house is awesome i love you cena

    Lauren Harber

  13. Hi John i’m ur biggest fan, i would like to meet in person. By the way ur ur house looks nice. u are a great man keep it up.

  14. ur really cool

  15. Your housse its very good but im better than you wife beaby

  16. Beautiful house John. GOD BLESS!

  17. Hi John, I’m your big fan, I wish you all the best in life, pls e-mail me @

  18. i am your bigits fan nice house and beet up brock big show and joney

  19. hi john cena im shelbi <3 big fan i lovvvvvvvvvve u i realy wana meet u

  20. I love u dear bro big up

  21. hyi cena iam your beeeegest i cant wait to shake your hand, when are you visiting south africa man?

  22. word life! hi john, i am chad frazier and i want you to come to my house in fayetteville,arkansas and meet me. I am your’e biggest fan, I have 1 of your’e movies called : the john cena expierience, Ialso want you to go back to thuganomics with your’e visor and chain necklace and your’e mets jersey I live in 1380 carlsbad trace in fayetteville,arkansas on wedington drive. get your’e title back from c.m. punk and in his fighting name, he’s a punk!

    sincerley, your’e biggest fan,

  23. Hi! I am a huge fan of yours.Nice house by the way.My lifes dream is to one day meet you.I got to say i love you,and every time you wrestle i cheer for you.

    Sincerly,your secret admirer,and a huge fan of yours.


  24. John Cena is my fav wrestler in the WWE and I can’t wait for Monday nights I wish the Champ will be here again but then again he will always be a champ in my heart <3<3

  25. Hi john cena i am one of your many biggest fans and i think you are the best on wwe you rock,,and i would love to meet you in person………

  26. HUSTLE ,LOYALTY ,RESPECT cenation hie JOHN CENA “THE CHAMP Z HERE ” pls i wanna scream dis seen u visitin our country BOTSWANA we luv u here cena,,,GOD bless u n every tin u do n ur lyf im ur biggest fan ever nd wil lyk to meet u

  27. peice of shit house

  28. hi john cena i love you
    you are good wrestlier

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